Competitor’s Training Program

A competitor needs 3 things in his/her kitty. Strength, Skills and Conditioning. These 3 heads form the basis of a competitor’s performance. Even though you are not a competitor, this is exactly what will clear out your weaknesses if any. Sometimes, an hour of group class is not sufficient to develop all these 3 aspects if you want to improve all these 3 heads and you can devote more time for the same.

So, we bring to you our specialized Competitor’s Training Program that perfectly blends workouts to train all 3 heads in the right proportion. This program will demand around 2 hours in the gym just because of the volume. This program can be done even if you can’t do certain movements mentioned in the program. We will help you scale it down. Ultimately the idea is to get to be able to do this program as prescribed.

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Below is a sample week’s program for anyone to try and then subscribe to the same.